The motto "Excellence Achieved" has been West Shore's official slogan since we... um... achieved excellence some time ago. The motto is shrouded with mystery and irony as no one has seen to be able to pinpoint the origin of "Excellence Achieved."

We achieved excellence?Edit

The fabled "excellence" that West Shore achieved at some point in history is covered in speculation and mystery. Many believe that at some point, West Shore did achieve some form of excellence, but in the enlightened age it is commonly believed to be a myth.

List of Rumored Excellence Edit

The following is a list of the speculated events that lead to our motto, "Excellence Achieved."

  • The air conditioning worked for 5 minutes straight.
  • The boy's basketball team won a game.
  • The boy's locker rooms didn't smell like Axe.
  • The water in the chemistry lab tested above a pH of 4.
  • A student went home with less than 2 hours of homework.
  • Mr. Peterson didn't talk for the first half hour of class.
  • Someone could stay awake for the whole period in Mr. Peterson's class.
  • The school lunch tasted good.
  • A middle-school relationship lasted more than a week.
  • The internet didn't crash during an important test date.
  • Someone aced an Orton test.