Well, 5th period deel is a wonderful class, full of respectful, thoughtful, intelligent, and nice people. They are a great help to this Wiki and are great people all around. Without them, the Westshore Wikia would not be nearly as well developed as it is today.

The Story Edit

I don't know how, but someone in 5th period Deel ( Lily McKnight) found out about the Westshore page and thought it would be fun to tell everyone in there about it. For the past little bit, they have been in the computer lab and have been editing like the NewYork Times. This has caused mass vandalism, looting, 37 injured and 12 current deaths.

However some benefits have resulted from 5th period Deel as the wiki awareness has grown a lot since then.

6th Period Deel: The Saga Continues Edit

Recently 6th period has been viewing and editing the wiki. This has led to a different perspective being offered across the pages - 2:00 english instead of 1:00 english. There is lots of documentation on Deel due to this.