In the beginning, the AP Chemistry (or AP Chem) class of 2014-2015 was the west shore equivalent of a defense against the dark arts class, except for each quarter instead of every year. It is now taught by Mrs. Horst. Everyday is a kooky day with her unless you're second and third period of course.

Mrs. Narvaez Edit

Narvaez was a fantastic chemistry teacher who was the main reason that many people took this class in 2014. She left after a few weeks.

Ms. McKeever Edit

Ms. McKeever was a good teacher, while under strict supervision, after the retirement of the great Narvaez her teaching methods deteriorated. So much so that it was almost a relief that she deserted us, however her timing could not have been worse, right before thermochemistry, the first new material in the class.

Mrs. Horst Edit

She was a newbie at the whole teaching thing and was going through the disease/ritual that all teachers face called first-year-teacher syndrome. (Don't worry Mrs. Horst, administration is cheering you on!). But fortunately, it has seemed to pass with the 2016-17 class. The current pass rate for the AP exam is 71%, 20% higher than the national average.

Under her tutelage, you all are going to learn about dropping acid, how to be a masochist, the ether bunny and even learn a bit about the wonderful Mrs. Horst herself. Unless you're 2nd and 3rd period, your class will probably bond ;^) over chemistry puns and suffering through the sadism called show-and-tells. David Pogue is the official mascot of the 2016-17 minuscule 4th and 5th period class (why zak).