AP Literature, more commonly known as AP Lit (or AP Littt 🔥), is the advanced placement alternative to English IV in senior year, taught exclusively by Mrs. Nelson. Because many kids take AP Lang in junior year and are embarrased to move down a level, they take Lit hoping that they're basically the same.

Spoiler alert: they're not.

While AP Lang focuses on analyzing how something is being portrayed through literary devices, AP Lit focuses more on characters and themes; instead of saying "the author uses syntax to convey the relationship," you actually analyze the relationship. At least by this class the grammar lessons are finally finished. LitCharts will be your friend, but please, please read the book and use the charts mainly to help you review in April or to notice a theme you might have missed.

Reading ListEdit

The book that you will potentially or probably read for this class.

"Sonny's Blues"Edit

A short story about a man in Harlem, told mainly through flashbacks and musical numbers. Sonny is the protagonist and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't do heroin, kids.

Invisible ManEdit

Not The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, the Ralph Ellison book published 45 years later. It answers most open-ended prompts on the exam. Contrary to the initial impression, this is not "racism story #237," but in fact a great reflection on personal and national identity - think Mark Twain's political writing mixed with To Kill A Mockingbird mixed with The Metamorphosis. The irony is on point and the two rape scenes aren't meant to be attractive.

King LearEdit

Shakespeare tragedy that is nice because it is not Romeo and Juliet.

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