Ben of the Velie is a very well done piece by a great band, Michael Thomas and the Naasholes. The song lyrics came magically as MTDawgizzle and Mr. Naasty were working on a project for a competition. Ben Velie had a tear roll down his eye once he heard the song dedicated to him.

Ben of the Velie Edit

by Mtdoggizle and Mr. Naasty Edit

It was the Ben of the Velie

Tellin' me bout Ben Velie

The Ben of the Velie

Shown in Ben's eyes

It must have Ben so Velie bad for you

One thing Ben said that he would never do

One look from Ben and I would fall from grace

And that would wipe the smile right from Ben's face

Do you remember when Ben Velie danced

And incidents arose from Velie's stance

One thing led to Ben Velie, he was young

And Ben would scream about stances unflung

Vile Slander Edit

There are some who claim this song was plagiarized from the song "Heat of the Moment," which is by an underground band named "Kansas" (you've probably never heard of them). In response to this, Mr. Naasty has claimed that he's "a nice guy" and that Kansas must have stolen it from him instead. Luckily, he's managed to escape a lawsuit, probably because of his great looks and charm.