Little is exactly known about this mystery man, but Bobo appears in many multiple choice answers for teacher-written tests, chronicling his journey through time. It seems that he is either immortal, or a time traveler, and it is unknown whether he is still controlling the tides of history in the present.

Roles Edit

Bobo is often referred to as the "wonder clown" in Ms. OT's history classes, showing the persistence of humor throughout cultures and millenia. Sometimes he appears as a Renaissance man, a chemist, a musician, and other such titles, displaying his education and the importance in having one. He has turned battles around, discovered new lands, and in general displays the fighting spirit in us all. He is truly a role model for all ages.

Influence Edit

The work of Bobo has not gone unnoticed by the teachers of West Shore. As a polymath, his adventures and knowledge covers a wide range of subjects, including: