It's 7:30 am, an hour before school officially starts. You don't have you homework finished because you had an emotional breakdown over its difficulty the night before. No fear, however. Your friend probably has the answers. But wait, you think in a moment of morality. Isn't this cheating? Haha, of course it is! But who cares?

The West Shore Cheating Rings® are renown county-wide. Teachers know they exist, and aren't surprised when they grade near-identical papers; they may however reprimand students for these. An entire exam can be copied (don't ask me how, I never tried). The FCAT got plenty of cheating and there will probably be lots of it on the FSA assessments. I won't even mention the amount on virtual school exams.

Contrary to popular belief, the amount of cheating does not mean we're exempt from the regular sex and drug vices of a typical high school; it's notable however that these are in more diluted, mundane amounts than other schools.

Justification Edit

  • Going to West Shore makes one a genius. If you can't do it, the task was impossible.
  • Everyone does it and you can't lose your competitive edge.
  • It's not plagiarism if you receive consent from the creator.
  • Collaboration is an important real world skill.
  • It's not like you'll have academic integrity in college.
  • It's not like it's a test.
  • It's only a test.
  • It's not like it's a state exam
  • It's only a state exam.
  • Life is empty and meaningless.
  • You'll learn it eventually
  • Problem-solving, resourcefulness, unorthodox thinking and performance under pressure are far more valuable skills to have than rote memorization.
  • It was only busy work
  • It was online, so they were basically asking for it