The Chess Garden from a first-person perspective.

The Chess Garden is an area located nearby the Library. It is called so because of the giant chessboard located on the ground. At least, it is by me.

Three trees surround the garden. One is labelled The Eldest as its wise branches spread over all with its loving shaded embrace (until administration cut off the branches). It is located near the back of the Chess Garden. The other one is basically a nobody but its fairly close to one of the tables, but gives jack all shade. It laughs as the sun gets in your eyes while its leaves taunt you with its misplaced cover. The third tree is a really sad and pathetic one devoid of all trees. To express its dissatisfaction, it likes to release wasps and drop acorns on passerby's heads from time to time.

Middle schoolers usually hang out here after school as they wait to get picked up from school.


If you are lucky, you will see the glorious form of Mr.O standing guard over the middle schoolers before they leave. Approach with caution, as if you engage him in conversation it will take three hours and several sessions of Mr.O screams to escape.