The courtyard is an area in the center of the school containing a large pavillion and a bunch of picnic benches. The high schoolers can eat here during lunch, instead of in the cafeteria. While it is generally looked down upon, middle schoolers can sit here. This only happened after Power Hour started, and is almost universally hated by the highschool kids. We can't do anything about it, though.


The courtyard was remodeled in 2011, which is when they added the pavillion. The goal was for it to block out the sun and rain, neither of which it does particularly well. well played school, well played.

When power hour was introduced in 2015, the courtyard and pavilion area were stuffed with tables. Most of these extra tables have no rain protection, unless you consider a plastic umbrella or being on the edge of the pavilion protection.

In the fall of 2016 a bronze wildcat statue was unevieled, paid for by two senior classes worth of fundraising. Meanwhile, ceiling tiles were breaking from leaking AC units, but at least the landscape isn't as depressing.


This is the main stage for many senior pranks.

  • 2012: the seniors gathered a shit ton of trash cans and benches and made a barricade. Truly a site to behold.
  • 2013: the prank mostly centerted on tiling windows with post-it notes, but there was some overflow onto the patio.
  • 2015: the senior class had a luau on the pavilion and stacked all the tables up, putting a canoe on top.
  • 2016: seniors made the courtyard a winter wonderland known as "The West Pole", among many other shenanigans.
  • 2017: seniors turned the school into a greek-land, with toilet paper strung about, and dressed in sheets.