Eighth graders are less annoying versions of the infamous sevvie. Assuming they do not drop out to go play football, they metamorphosize into the freshman and get to join the cool kids' clubs in high school.

What They No Longer Do Edit

  • Run to class
  • Run to lunch power hour
  • Run at all
  • Scream and make annoying noises (Note: There are exceptions)
  • Cuss at least 10 times a minute
  • Are midgets
  • Think they're cool
  • Think they're the only nerds

What They Still Do Edit

  • Make dumb jokes
  • Make fun of Peterson's platonic love
  • Hate Edline
  • Think they're funny
  • Get their asses roasted by anybody of the higher stature.
  • Tell your mom jokes (sadly) (Only applies to certain people)
  • Fake Cry (applies to certain individuals)
  • Whine about how difficult West Shore is (the new ones or idiots that is)
  • Are extremely pertinacious
  • Are discovering anime