Ninth graders exist in the glorious time when they realize how terrible they were as middle schoolers and pupate into their high school form, which will probably make them cringe as seniors. If the student has not yet experienced it, puberty will give them a full-on slap and scramble their mind. They currently are the most populous members of the West Shore Wiki due to their love of labeling everything, such as themselves and their peers.

Take caution: Freshmen are not actually as f r e s h as their name implies.

Hobbies Edit

  • Making everything an innuendo
  • Solidifying high school friendships
  • Making drama
  • Treating homecoming as super serious business
  • Assuming it's the end of the world if they don't have a boy/girlfriend
  • Obsessing over a television show of choice
  • Buying Hollister clothes
  • Making fun of middle schoolers
  • Denying everything above and proving themselves an individual (in their own eyes, which is the only view that matters to them)