Friends are a necessity at West Shore. New students are encouraged to invest the time and become part of one of these sacred organizations as passing otherwise requires significant effort.

They provide the emotional support that will carry you through exams, but they also provide the connections that keep West Shore's famous cheating rings possible. These rings, commonly referred to as "squads", are sophisticated organizations, often evading the feds through complex hand gestures, signals, and other sophisticated pieces of technology. It is recommended that you watch out for certain squads, and try to avoid them unless you're insane. Once you're in, you don't come out. These groups are often very elusive, and very wary of outsiders for the fear of splinter operations. These groups have made the required brain power of students significantly lowered due to the simple fact that the mental capacity required is shared collectively throughout the organization.

Friends can also help with dating, since you'll probably need assistance. Once a pair is made, the squads begin to have a loose alliance which allows for a higher exchange of information, possibly between grade levels.

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