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Contrary to some schools' beliefs, West Shore doesn't turn you gay. Rather, it unlocks your full potential for gayness. If you don't have a hankering for the same sex by senior graduation, it's pretty much going to stay that way. This is due to the school (not necessarily the administration) being really accepting of it; West Shore might as well be in California. Sevvies and eighth graders don't seem very enlightened about the whole thing besides "lol sex", so it's mostly a high school thing.

Student Attitudes Edit

Super Allies Edit

"All gays are darn fabulous and you're wrong if you slightly disagree in any way." Mostly scene kids and dramatic (obviously) thespians with gay friends. They do Day of Silence and present(ed) same-sex marriage whenever a class needed to talk about a controversial subject. Despite their good intentions, some are likely to accessorize their gay friends and use the friendship as a sort of bragging right, which is ironically detrimental to their cause of normalizing their existence.

That's Cool Man Edit

"I mean I know a guy and he's pretty chill so yeah they're fine usually." While they don't focus on gay people, they definitely support them in a passive manner. This seems to be a large amount of the student population, which a big cause - and effect - of the large amounts of open gayness on campus.

Apathetic Edit

"I don't have time for this, I have to study for calc dude." They don't really have a connection to anything involving homosexuality and think they're just fine going about as they are. They'd kind of like something else to be on the news. Often evolves into "that's cool man" but can occasionally go the other way, or stay where it is.

Those Darn Homos Edit

"I don't want to hear about their weird behavior and I don't want them to force it onto me, the school, or the country." This is as far as even the highly religious kids reach: not hate so much as annoyed dislike. Coming out to them might just earn a sigh, or in some cases "well we're still friends despite this". They don't like having arguments with super allies due to not being activists, but pacifists.

Gay People Themselves Edit

There's not a distinct mindset for gay people. Some believe they are the One True Gay, and the rest are faking. Some are like super allies but more justified in that it directly affects their future relationships and/or attractions. Some are gay and transgender at the same time. Some just kind of dress as the opposite sex or mix up an androgynous wardrobe because why not. Some like to be stereotypical, some are trying to break stereotypes. All of them are just nervous kids who want to pass their APs.

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