This class is honestly quite pointless. Taught by the wonderful Ms.Bettis. The only thing you'll ever do in this class is learn about things like self esteem and how to properly use drugs (see: Andrew Melcher/Karam/Turtle) and their glorious side effects. The only sex education you get in HOPE is that safe sex = no sex. You also get to color in pictures of penises and vaginas. Did you know vaginas have a pH level of 3.5 to 4.5? You don't learn that in HOPE but its still cool.

Things to do in HOPE Edit

  • Throw a dodge ball in Ms.Bettis's direction just as you are leaving the gym (try to make it in the sack)
  • Run across the parking lot while doing the mile
  • Pretend to lift weights
  • Fake your exercise logs
  • Memorize 50 gazillion muscles, all of which you have to know