This is the school's firewall that restricts popular websites students like to visit. More sites are added to the firewall every day, so don't be surprised to find out that your favourite site has suddenly been blocked by the firewall.

Restricted Sites Edit

  • "Inappropriate" sites
  • Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, deviantart, etc (for "friendship content")
  • Very popular flash games
  • Anything on YouTube that is ~edgy~
  • happy wheels

Unrestricted Sites Edit

  • Most flash games, like Town Of Salem or (insert other flash game b/c I'm not some nerd that plays them)
  • Anything linked through (excluding just-shower-thoughts, which is tumblr)
  • "Educational" sites like coolmath
  • Google, Google Drive, etc
  • Youtube has been competely unresctricted since the 2015-'16 school year

Bypassing the Firewall Edit

Youtube (in case they ever add it again):

  1. Replace www. with https://
  2. remove the education filter (signified by the &edu after the general link)

Anywhere else:

  1. Look for a proxy
  2. Use a VPN
  3. Use phone data or a mobile hotspot
  4. If you are feeling particularly daring SSH tunnel to a home computer