The Physic teacher that replaced Mrs. Krehbiel. He is basically the Klaasen of the Physics department, complete with matching beard. He is a brand-spanking-new teacher with a sick beard contour and even comes with the First Year Teacher Syndrome. Symptoms include: awkward interactions with his students (it's kind of endearing) and shuffling around. He is a West shore alumni alongside Mr. Klaasen (why the graduates of West Shore would want to come back is beyond me). Under Mr. Krehbiel's tutelage, hopefully he can become the Physics teacher of a new era.

He is really trying his best, guys.

True Facts Edit

  • His beard contour sits approximately 5 cm off his jawline.
  • His last name is pronounced klEt not cLIt.
  • He has admitted to liking anime.
  • He has banned any mentions of Mr. Klaasen in his classroom.
  • He puts megagrams (Mg) on tests along with milligrams (mg).
  • Because he is the only millenial in the entire WS staff (Mrs. Horst "doesn't like" the label unfortunately), he sweats during faculty meetings when videos bashing millenials are shown.

Other AliasesEdit

Note: using these doesn't make you cool nor his friend.

  • Brian
  • Brian Antonio
  • Kletters

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