The AP Physics teacher that replaced Mr. Krehbiel. He is new and excited to learn, and even though has taught from the inner city to schools where everyone gets their own computer he thinks of West Shore as a new experience. His beard is not as strong or purposeful as those of the other science guys on campus, but he makes up for it in actual character substance.

The majority of grades come from a journal of all your science activities, from labs to textbook questions to lectures. Most of his class consists of muddling through lessons on your own and receiving helpful questions from Estevez. Therefore you won't have to do rote memorization, since on the AP test you'll probably have war flashbacks to trying to get your work together (even though grades don't matter).

The ghost of Mr. Krehbiel sometimes appears in his room during power hour. This may seem like the real thing but it is only a mirage capable of tutoring for brief periods. You will have to pay in order to become his apprentice and receive a varsity physics shirt. Estevez can help you on your quest to find this spirit.

Quotes Edit

  • "Interesting!!!"
  • "TV time out kids!!!"
  • "Grades don't matter!!!"
  • "OooOOooh!!!"
  • "That's Powerful!!!"
  • "Y'all are rockstars!!!"
  • "Beautiful!!!"
  • “Holy SHEET there’s an equation sheet”
  • “Cool? Cool.”
  • ”I truly do not believe I’m date-rape material” (yes, he said this)
  • "Physics is my crack."