Mr. Murphy is the outspoken (AP) World History/Humanities/AP Euro teacher. He throws out things that most teachers would be considered "over the line". He probably doesn't care, he has nothing to live for. His classes are informational, interesting (to some), and rather easy (to most).His humor ranges from G to PG-13. Eighth graders, be prepared for PG-13 language in his class. He likes to make fun of you when you get the answer wrong to a question he asks and he will also let you know exactly how he feels about everything no matter how unpopular the opinion. He's pretty educated about modern pop culture and will not hesitate to share quotes from TV shows he deems worthy to watch (The Simpsons). His teaching style is short, simple, and to the point with the occasional sprinkle of anecdotes.

Quotes Edit

  • "Gerhurts."
  • *the office look*
  • *French accent*"Hon Hon Hon Hon."
  • When talking about the French: *under his breath but loud enough so everyone can hear* Cheese eating surrender monkeys...
  • When talking about the French:Hon Hon Hon! Stupid Americans!" (Note: When he talks about the French in World History, expect the accent.)
  • *looking at his point list* "Hmmmm....... who should I choose...."
  • "Wow."
  • "When I used to teach at central..."
  • *Insert slander about Pugs here*
  • *Laughter at your misfortune*
  • "Hey look! You're a french author! Alexander Dumbass!"
  • History is never original.
  • "The Lone Ranger's Nephew Horse"
  • *criticism at a History event and the causer of such events*
  • "Looking in the book is not cheating"
  • *when computer malfunctions* "Communist"
  • *Positions buttface towards student*
  • "If you want a real scare, watch Idiocracy"
  • "Can you guess what that means? ___ THE GREAT."
  • DO NOT even get me started on "the orange" (Ms. Clark). *usually followed by a long sigh*
  • "Listen to the mosquitoes."
  • I hate Dobby, he's as communist.

Things you'll learn Edit

  • Where Mr.Murphy is on the political spectrum
  • How the French are Dumb asses
  • History plus a facts that you'll need for Jeopardy
  • History can actually be entertaining
  • His displeasure towards Ms.Clark's movie showing habits
  • Obscure movie references
  • His vendetta towards Pugs
  • Why Humanities is a 11th/12th grader club (A supposed higher maturity level aka no laughing at stone penises!!)
  • His opinions on current events
  • How to not become like the gerhurts in History
  • How America is run by lizard people
  • How South Dakota isn't real
  • Why Elmo on Fire is a good watch
  • His reasoning for meeting a Trump supporter
  • Refers to Ms. Clark as "the orange"
  • Will continue to remind you how he wishes for the day "the orange" doesn't come up in his mind.

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