Mr. Raheb is the 7th grade Civics teacher and the Economics teacher. His Civics class is awesome, since most of the time is spent talking about Civics. He also never knows what period it is, which is funny. He is known for being a germaphobe and having an identical twin. It is rumored that he and his twin switch places every couple of days, which explains why he sometimes talks in third person.

Mr. Raheb's Hobbies Edit

  • Watching University Of Michigan sports (they always lose).
  • Playing Skyrim (Imperials suck).
  • Killing his cats.
  • Dropping pencils.
  • Eating green beans
  • Hating nature.

    Past subjects

Formerly a UPS delivery man. He used to teach a World Cultures class that was actually interesting. However, now he is forced to teach the boring Civics and World History class.

It is rumored he gave up working for UPS after looking on day in the mirror and seeing himself as a Social Studies teacher.

Telling stories about his evil twin.


  • "No chewing gum."

  • "Mr. Raheb ..." (in third person)
  • "Mrs. Raheb does not like that"
  • "Taylor... pick up that pencil."
  • "Suck that lollipop, then spit it out when you're done."
  • "What day is it today? It's another glorious day at West Shore."
  • "You've never seen me mad, and you don't want to."
  • Bennit! Pay attention!
  • Do you want to hear what Thunder did to me today?

How To Summon Mr. Raheb Edit

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of hand sanitizer to each hand . As you do this, repeat the sentence “Global warming is real" three times, and on the third reiteration, a pencil will appear on the ground. Pick it up. If you performed the summoning ritual correctly, he will appear strocking his thieghs with that wondrous look in his eyes… :o