On the outskirts of the school in the portables resides the (AP) Government and Economics teacher. Chewing thoughtfully on his toothpick, he makes a required social studies class actually informative. He often mocks Mr. Pustay, but in reality their bromance is famous.

He prefers girls over boys, in part because the girls in the age group with which he works actually have matured faster. Mr. Pustay claims that he has perfected this preference to "any female human with a beating heart between 16 and 100, regardless of age, height, race..." and recommends that all the girls in his class walk out of his class with their back to the door. If you complain about your grade it's probably because you're male.

Sometimes he lies in class in the hopes that someone will call him out. This often leads to contrary students using every history and government fact they know in an attempt for extra credit.

If you didn't understand a part of the test, or why you got it wrong, email Mr. Sarver an explanation of your reasoning and he may redeem the points. Unless you're male because you're probably just whining.

Quotes and Mannerism Edit

  • *critically looks at his class over his toothpick*
  • "Tell me 'Sarver shut up' in [x] minutes."
  • "I hate Mr. Pustay."
  • "I like your older sister/brother better than you already"