The petite teacher of 8th and 9th grade English. Her fashion sense is better than yours and her children are cuter than you ever were. All you ever read in her class is stories where the protagonist doesn't win, and she revels in well-written death scenes. Her writing grade rubric consists of taking what would be the FCAT score and taking it down a number. A big fan of the show 'Gravity Falls' and has a strong hatred towards the word 'things'. In the words of a student's mother, "needs to be needed."

Try making a joke about frogs, you'll be greatly amused.

In May 2018, WCTZ News did a "Thank You Notes" thing, and one of them was Mrs. Aune. The guy writing them said, "Thank you, Mrs. Aune, for killing my grade like you killed your dog."

Quotes Edit

  • "Hello trolls"
  • "What do you have against death?"
  • "Now your essay... *laughs nervously*"
  • "But I digress...."
  • "Shut up Daniel"
  • "I did *not* kill that dog!" yes she did
  • "Loving Thomas for being stupid"
  • "Yes Scout is a girl."
  • "Who cares about the test, we're talking about Kurt Cobain!"