Black halberd detail

Mrs. Halbuer is currently residing formally as our new assistant principle, her true purpose at this school is that of the dress code police. Many know her as being a fascist dictator and while that cannot be confirmed, it also cannot be denied. Nobody can say her real name, so most just call her Mrs. Halberd, like the giant axe on a stick. Other names include Mrs. Häagen-Dazs and "the dean lady".

The wisest course of action is to just avoid her, because if she catches you she will find something wrong (even if you are not doing anything).

Hobbies Edit

  • Yelling at students
  • Dress coding
  • Being extremely condescending
  • Herding students
  • Wearing hats on the news
  • Favoring a certain student against another

Quotes Edit

  • "When an ADUUUUULT is talking the CHILDREEEEEN quiet down."
  • "Now I don't want to be seen as the dress code police."
  • "Power Hour is for mental power not electronic power."
  • "It's grrrrrreat to be part of the Nation!"
  • "gooooo wildcats" (in weak imitation of Mr. Ferrell)
  • "My mom majored in chemistry!"
  • [random student swears] "WHAT did you SAY."
  • [random student says anything that's mildly inappropriate or sarcastic] 'WHAT did you SAY."