Mrs. Milligan is the precalculus and advanced topics teacher. She's from Brooklyn, so she's a total badass. Does calculus work before bed every night. Her classes are the most silent in the entire school, and if you don't talk, it's pop quiz time. She's notorious for putting students on the spot all the time, and if you don't know the answer to a question, she'll ask it again and again. You better know your exact values, kid, or else you're dead.

What you should knowEdit

  • Exact values
  • Identities
  • The plug-it-in substitution theorem
  • How to tie your shoes
  • ALWAYS say "hi" to her, or ELSE
  • How to dance
  • Yell "SEIZURE!" when she flicks the lights
  • when she ask a question you should nod your head and drone on "Yes, Mrs. Milligan" and "No, Mirs.Milligan"


  • Her: "Quick, what's a circle?"
    • Student: "U-uh, it's like, when you like, have a shape, a-and uhhhhh"
      • Her: "NEXT QUESTION!"
  • "I'm sure you all know your exact values by now."
  • "Ben, quit saying y'all, you sound like a redneck."
  • "What are we? electricians!?"
  • "PLUG IT IN!?"
  • "FOIL!?"
  • "Either you guys talk or I'll make you talk."
  • "Joel, pick up your crap!"
  • "Calculators are for FAILURES."
  • "CALCULUS???"
  • "Your algebra teacher would be SOO proud."
  • "Are you asking me or telling me?"
  • "Umm? This isn't meditation class."
  • "Like, like, I get you like things..."
  • Are you guys in a coma?
  • "OK let's go up and down the rows..."
  • "The bird outside chirping is talking more than you guys."
  • "Nodding your heads isn't communication."
  • ”We don’t have phones in our pockets, do we?”