Mrs. Rehm is currently a 7th grade language arts teacher but in the past has taught all high school classes. She is very passionate about the english language and holds a class discussion on pretty much every question asked. Do not accidentally curse in her classroom. She also keeps a collection of "comfort animals", which are used mainly to be thrown around by the kids when she leaves the room. Reportedly, there is a "meme wall" in her portable.

Moral Alignment Edit

Lawful Good

Hobbies Edit

  • Giving out "Empower mints"
  • Getting very personal with students
  • Asking people if they are present "spiritually"
  • Giving multiple detention threats but never actually giving detentions
  • Complaining about algebra
  • Talking about pterodactyls
  • Using Zen to catch wasps
  • Talking Princess Kiwi
  • Calling custodians to kill bugs

Quotes Edit

  • "Pure Mrs. Rehm."
  • "Let me close the door to keep the pterodactyls out."
  • "Yes, and as a matter of fact we can have a discussion on that."
  • "This is how I type." *flails hands*
  • "No touching."
  • "Not rushin'. We're American."
  • "You deserve a thank you mint for that!"
  • "It's mint Monday my dudes!" - she denies she has ever said this
  • "Welcome, welcome......."
  • "Im dancing, go away."
  • "Ha ha ha. Oh dear. Ha ha ha."
  • *Purses lips and widens nostrils* "Ahh... Yess. I see. I see. Ooo. Okay. Yess."
  • "I'm not lyin'. I'm a tiger."
  • "Inigo Montoya looks thirsty."
  • " 'You killed my father. Prepare to die.' "
  • "Every time you say that, somewhere an english teacher cries."
  • "Drats!"