One of the more frequent substitutes; she doesn't work at the school like Ms. Gates, she's just requested a lot. She knows many students by name, and is like a hip grandma to everyone. Due to this, there will probably be some banter exchanged within the first five minutes of class about her and the students' lives. She's fairly lenient and will trust the students to know what they can usually do (Mrs. Anderson's class gets to listen to music, but don't bet on it if she's subbing for Ms. Orton). If someone is wearing a shirt for a sports team, especially if it's for the school, she will probably make a short comment about a recent game.

What to Expect Edit

  • A relaxing period
  • Friendliness
  • Genuine interest in your life

Quotes Edit

See, nothing really defines Ms. Bailey's speech, at least not to the extent of Mr. Peterson or Ms. Block. There's no expected catchphrases. She has the tone of a kind (sometimes sassy) lady, and everything she says is very organic.