A very nice former full-time and now substitute teacher who really likes journalism and writing. She tends to speak in a very quiet voice and likes to wear patterned dresses with a similar cut. Ms. Gates becomes very interested in whatever the students are learning about, and will often gather and supply her own information and resources to help add to the student's learning experiences.

She does not interact well with younger students. If you are an upperclassman, she might be nicer to you. As long as your class isn't rowdy and rude, things will go ok.

What To Expect: Edit

When you have Ms. Gates as a sub, this is how classes will commonly go.

  • No listening to music.
  • No phones allowed.
  • No eating in class allowed.
  • Instructions left by the teacher will be followed closely.
  • The class will actually be taught and expected to engage in the lesson.
  • Work will be done.

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