Total space geek. Seriously, if anyone you know will be getting into space it'll be her. McCormick teaches sevvies and the occasional 8th grade class in the ways of science. Her walls are filled with pictures of astronauts, her baby Natalie, and her astronaut training, as well as random posters about science stuff. Her ceiling has some approximately accurate constellations made of glow-in-the-dark stars, which is why she keeps the windows covered. She has a personal love-hate relationship with all of her students. She is (debateably) one of the best teachers at the school.

Moral Alignment Edit

Chaotic Good

Hobbies Edit

  • Making us shut up
  • Skydiving
  • Space training
  • Giving extra credit to failing kids
  • Dry sarcasm
  • Eating babies
  • Making fun of sevvies
  • Fearing Cucumbers

Quotes Edit

  • "Quiet down [Your last name here]!"
  • "Stop talking!!!"
  • "Well..."
  • "If you're not sitting down, you're late!"
  • "No sex!"
  • "Sevvies are too stringy to eat"
  • "No gay babies!"
  • "One crime at a time, my friend."
  • "And then I found Jesus."
shut up please