Note: Now retired

Ms. Woyshner, where to start... To start out with Ms. Woyshner "teches me the gud gramers".

She is one of the best teachers reverr had and is so sweet... Except that time when she exploded on period 3... (Long story)

She has several quotes that sometimes even students end up using instead of using foul language.

She's one of the sweetest people you've ever met and would have probably been your favorite teacher. She is very fashionable and sassy. She is now greatly missed at West Shore

Quotes Edit

  • "Awh Sugarfoot!"
  • "Your class is like a pile of kittens, I love you all, though you're hard difficult to maintain..." (Mr. Peterson edit: Platonically, of course)
  • "I will just wait." *Waits*
  • "Let's all get out our DGP's!"
  • "I would like to share the wealth, thank you."
  • "Would you please let me steer the boat?"
  • *Mentions Skippy*

Least Favorite Class(es) Edit

Ms. Woyshner edit: I do not have a favorite and least favorite class... I love you all.

Mr. Peterson edit: Platonically, of course