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Powder Puff is a traditional football game between the Junior and Senior classes in which any gender can be the athletic football players and any gender can be the equally athletic cheerleaders. Although technically the term "Powder Puff" refers to the football game, it has come to refer to both the game and the cheerleaders' halftime show collectively.


Both classes will often become very involved in crossdressing. The girls almost all wear boxer braids and cut their shirts into fashionable shapes. The boys wear spanx that are almost certainly against dress code.

On the morning of the game, the seniors will rush onto the pavilion as the juniors gather in the center, taunting each other in what is reportedly a religious experience.

Outcomes and ScoresEdit

20[n] Seniors vs 20[n+1] Juniors The Senior class won with a final score of X to Y.

The Junior class of 2018 may have been the only class to tie, though Seniors technically "won" because the cheerleaders won the dance.

Controversy Edit

Many have argued that the tradition of crossdressing for Powder Puff is homophobic and/or transphobic, especially considering that genuine 'crossdressing' is not permitted on school campus outside of Powder Puff.

The Roar has reported on this subject, with student's opinions listed in the paper. The school itself states that it does not wish to offend anyone with the crossdressing tradition in Powder Puff, and did not have any homophobic/transphobic intent.

Every year this issue comes up, and every year no one thinks to mention that drag is a form of theater and the dance is a form of entertainment. The transphobe argument might fly at a school where people besides sevvies even think about calling something stupid "gay", but this is West Shore, y'all.

Sometimes people complain about misogyny as well. However, most students have come to the agreement that the cheerleaders are using a "valley girl" caricature as opposed to mocking women or even the actual cheer team.


  • This is the only official school-sponsored football game.
  • The 2014 Senior Class dance was shut down because it was "Too provocative".
  • The Class of 2018 Junior Class football players may have been the first in West Shore history to tie with a Senior Class football team.