Power Hour replaced the two lunch periods in 2015. Lasting from 12:05 to 12:55, it was intented to have a more relaxed setup than lunch, allow time for clubs during school, and simplify the schedule by having all fourth period classes at the same time. This makes it hard to keep track of which teacher has office hours, however, so some only stay as long as necessary and others keep their rooms open the entire hour.

When it first started the school realized there wasn't enough seating for everyone, so tables were placed under the new solar panel and outside the cafeteria. Underclassmen were then allowed to sit outside, breaking the tradition of it being only for juniors and seniors. Many people just eat in teacher's rooms now.

Things to Do During Power HourEdit

  • Eat your food, it's good for you
  • Study
  • Watch CNN in Mr. Pustay's room and make fun of pundits
  • Do homework
  • Take a nap
  • Talk to your preferred teacher about your problems
  • Play chess, DnD, MTG, or your choice of nerd games
  • Go to clubs
  • Join an honors society

Things Not to Do During Power HourEdit

  • Fight (read: have a passionate argument) with sevvies, eighth graders, or anyone who will leave you salty for the rest of the day
  • Sit on the stairs
  • Cheat by talking to students who have already taken a test about said test (but West Shore would never do that)