This is just a copy+paste of the rules on the main page for documentation or something. Thanks for reading!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the West Shore Wikia! Please read the rules before making a contribution to our Wiki. For the most part, we follow Wikia'sCommunity Central Guidelines, but being a school-oriented wiki, we have a few specific rules. 

List Of Rules For Editing Edit

  1. No slander is allowed under any circumstances. If slander/cyberbullying becomes a problem, this wiki will be reported to the school (and the offending page[s]). Understand this means absolutely no slander about teachers, administration, students, or the school itself. Staff at West Shore are people too!
  2. No individual pages about students. Information written about individual students will be erased, and an administrator will delete the page. This includes writing an individual's name (first name, last name or full name) on a page, with or without their consent. This is due to safety reasons and to avoid cyberbullying. 
  3. Please limit the use of profanity. Curse words are certainly allowed, but be tasteful. 
  4. Be courteous and polite. Slurs of racist, sexist, transphobic and homophobic intent are banned. Please practice open-mindedness, and be respectful. We want everyone here to feel welcome, not offended.
  5. Students of all grade levels are welcome to participate. Everyone here is free to edit the wiki as they please, and we encourage all to contribute their opinions and thoughts so that this wiki may encapsulate the full West Shore experience.
  6. Don't edit the rule page. These rules are to ensure that this wiki retains its purpose, and to keep everyone safe. If you have a concern regarding these rules, please contact an admin in the West Shore Forums. (Or just contact me, jeff_mangum, here.)
  7. Don't erase others contributions to this wiki without reason. Make sure you have ample reason before deleting someone else's work. If possible try to talk to some of the other frequent editors before deletion (westshore, jeff_mangum, Swordofflight2.0 etc.)
  8. Follow the golden rule. It should go without saying, but use common sense and treat others like you would want to be treated.
  9. More rules will be added if more rules are needed.

Thank you for reading!☁ Edit