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Everyone knows them. These are the kids who are totes individuals who listen to post-hardcore while wearing "quirky" clothes. Back in the olden days, students couldn't have "extreme hairsyles," so they only had black or red hair dye and mild teasing. Now that these restrictions have been removed, however, many have embrace their potential, placing blue dye right onto their unprocessed scalps and claiming their individuality. Overlaps with the gays quite a bit since they and allies already have a problem with society.

Activities Edit

  • Listening to Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Motionless in White, Of Mice and Men, Blood on the Dance Floor (to taste), Panic at the Disco...
  • Complaining about pop music despite listening to pop punk
  • Covering their mouths with long sleeves
  • Clumping glomping together
  • Sending "Rawrrrr XD" to people

How to Identify Edit

  • Glance at their phone's playlist for any of the above bands.
  • They think their "randomness" is hilariously weird. NOTE: This may just be a typical eighth grader.
  • A true scene kid can't stand being around anyone but their friends.
  • Say something about a subject they feel passionate about. Anything. They will go off about that subject as if no one else in the world has thought of it.
  • Find them texting "Rawrrrrrr XD" to other emo/scene people.