Like freshmen but with more AP classes. In fact, this is the first year most students take an AP course, usually AP HuG or APES since these are considered the easiest. Of course, this is also the year that many people elect to take APUSH in order to skip 10th Grade U.S. History.

At this point, students are more aware of the classes directly above and below them, and probably take mixed classes with freshmen and juniors. They also begin to take more specialized classes, and if their friends have different career choices than them, it is likely they will be separated in terms of scheduling. Luckily due to power hour, they no longer have to fear having separate lunch periods.

Sophomores have the highest range of dating possibilities. Since this is the bare minimum for leaving the "Lolita" phase of adolescence, juniors and seniors won't be accused of being attracted to children, but sophomores can still date eighth graders and freshmen with comparable maturity. One must be wary, however, as many in 10th grade have not outgrown whatever unfortunate phase they fell into in freshman year.