Not to be confused with Ms. Orton. Susan is a wildcat that is near and dear to the staff of WCTZ News's heart, because, well, she's a wildcat.

How the Legend Was Born Edit

It had been just another boring day when the bell rang that fateful morning in late October. Joey Cowett, Ryan McCullough, and Ben Velie trudged into first period, TV productions. "Hey Soto," they muttered as they walked through the door just as they did every other day. Something was different today, though. The newsroom was filled with new life. There they were.

Wildcats. Everywhere.

They dotted the room, 9 of them in total. The students immediately fell in love with them, and every single one was given a name via democracy. However, one stood out among the rest.


Susan, recognized for her greatness, became the new mascot of WCTZ News. Every opportunity was taken to sneak her in front of the camera during filming, and the seniors and juniors constantly moved her around to see if Soto would notice. She inspired the news crew to reach new heights.

The Death of a Hero Edit

Alas, it was not meant to be. Susan was peacefully sunbathing on the ledge next to the telecaster when tragedy struck! Jeremy Gluck accidentally hit her with his hand, and she spiraled down into the floor, where she shattered into a gazillion pieces. The crew was shocked and revolted by his actions, and they mourned the loss of their leader. It was with great sadness that a funeral for the wildcat was held, during which Jeremy was cooerced into digging her a grave behind the newsroom. It is rumored that a video of the infamous burial exists on camera somewhere, but its locations are unknown.

The Aftermath Edit

Soto was very annoyed that one of her cats broke, and placed all of them back into storage under lock and key. She claimed, "If you guys can't be mature with these plastic toys, I'm putting 'em away." She couldn't understand what the students had felt. To this day, the cats remain trapped in there, and Susan remains buried. However, recently one was rumoured to have escaped and been stealthily placed above the windowsill. It is theorized by Jake Dimond, a reputable source indeed, that this means Susan will rise again before the seniors graduate. At that time the truth will be revealed, the Second Coming will occur, and an extra special episode of WCTZ News will be aired.

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