The HOHOSUS religion is a religion slowly increasing in popularity and followers over time. It is the belief that santa = jesus. (WARNING: we do not mean to offend religious people this is a joke pls don't sue us). Contact us our hotline to join at 321-HOHO- 6969 HOSUS. We sacrifice hoses to the god because HOSUS is a homophone for HOSES. This explains why our god HOSUS loves to eat hoses every meal for good luck and nourishment.

Thank you for reading. We welcome all cheerful december biblings. #HOHOSUS SQUAD

How the religion came to beEdit

A slowly rising religion of santa-jesus believers, HOHOSUS is a popular group. But how did it become a trend you may ask. Well, the three founders, the random emo chick, the otter, and the pirate all came together in virtual lab (through the wonderful google hangouts that changes its name like every 10 minutes) and founded this wonderful religion. We sacrifice hoses and toeses to our wonderful god. They are full of potassium and nutrition yum yum. We are happy to spread this religion to all who want to join, no discrimination against anyone, because its a peaceful, accepting religion. No one left out, cuz sharing is caring. ;)

Current members: 5

Member list (Add your name to join, then write member in parenthesis):

Bianca G. (The Creator)

Layla A. (Assistant creator)

Savannah D. (Assistant creator)

Mckenna S. (member)

Kinkie Vinkie (Member)



-"Sacrifice all the hoses"

-"Santa is Jesus."