The Roar is West Shore's satirical news source, in that it makes fun of everything that it touches. It is given out for free during homeroom at the end of each month. The Roar is written by students, for students.

The Roar is meant to mimic other satirical news sources, such as Fox News, yet still remain relevant to school life. The Roar has three main purposes: entertainment for the students, annoying labor for the homeroom teachers, and a flyswatter.


Usually an article or two about academic imformation, some surveys, and sports which only make it in if one of the reporters is in that sport.

Structure of a Main Article: Edit

  • Introduction with loaded words such as "troubling", "school board", and anything involving the current atmosphere on campus involving one grade
  • Lots of quotes from 10th-12th graders, most likely friends of the writer, supporting one side
  • A single 7th-9th grader supporting the other side
  • Interview with an administrator who's been backed into a corner on an issue
  • Interview with Mr. Sarver , if available, for sage wisdom
  • Conclusion stating the author's opinion that just happens to be supported by the quotes

Structure of an Opinion Piece:Edit

See above, but maybe take away the interviews.

Structure of a Love-it-Hate-it Article: Edit

Structure of a Sports PieceEdit

No information is available because no one reads the sports section (just kidding we love our wildcats).