The cool kids at West Shore. Sure, there are people in other extracurricular who may be more well-known within their grades, but going into theater is an automatic ticket to West Shore fame. Simply performing will give you access to at least fifty other thespians who will care about you and vouch for your coolness.

They have zero chill. Who cares if they are tree #3, they are a STAR! Despite the fact that we have a chorus, they are sure they are the best singers. After all, they sung backup parts in a musical once, so they're basically God.

Regular Actions Edit

  • Defending Ms. Fallon to their last breath
  • Hanging out in Ms. Fallon's room every day without fail
  • Going to Disney World together in inordinate amounts
  • Breaking into musical numbers
  • Wearing shirts from play or festivals for at least half the week
  • Dying during Tech Week
  • (Guys only) Having voice cracks during the musical performances.