Most of the time, when people want to get the word out about something at school they have to get it approved at the guidance office. This means that you need to have a purpose for what you are doing, which is no fun. Seriously, imagine if each edit on this wiki needed approval from adult administrators. It wouldn't be pretty.

This is why the occasional person will get to school early, casually lean against a wall, and walk away with a poster attached. It can stay up any amount of time from about five periods to three days, unless it is an election in which case it will stay up for at least a week.

Hypnotoad Edit

Every year during the middle school elections, a poster pops up saying "All Glory to the Hypnotoad". Because sevvies have no place in government, the Hypnotoad is a clear candidate for the position of Middle School SGA president. Occasionally used as a write-inALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

Political Posters Edit

Some students notice injustices and like to spread the news about it on campus. These can make good talking points or they can just make the trek from the Auditorium to Building 2 less unbearable by changing the scenery. Expect varied viewpoints if anyone puts these up - rebellion comes in all shades, especially if the culprit is a freshman.

Random Jokes Edit

On rare occasions someone might print out tearable puns or the like and place them in not-too-conspicuous places, such as the interior of stairs of among the papers of the bulletin boards. They are like political posters but since they have no opinionated slant they have a wider audience.