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About West ShoreEdit

West Shore Wiki is an encyclopedia about all things West Shore. It is meant not only as a reference for current and future West Shore students, but also as a humorous and entertaining read. The wiki format lends itself to collaborative editing, so we can all work together to make a great database for West Shore.

If you're new to the Wiki, or would like to ensure you've read everything, click on this link for all of our categorized pages!

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Our Purpose Edit

This is intended to be a funny, satirical, and sometimes informative wiki about West Shore Jr. Sr. High. ANYONE who makes slanderous or blatantly hurtful edits is missing that point and should promptly leave. Please follow the rules and everyone involved will have a great and enjoyable time. Any posts regarding teachers or administration are made in good humor and are not to be taken seriously, we love you guys... platonically.

Guidelines Edit

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the West Shore Wikia! Please read the rules and guidelines before making a contribution to our Wiki. For the most part, we follow Wikia's Community Central Guidelines, but being a school-oriented wiki, we have a few specific rules.This however is a democracy so if you want something done talk/post it out. 

List of Rules for Editing Edit

  1. No slander is allowed under any circumstances. If slander/cyberbullying becomes a problem, this wiki will be reported to the school (and the offending page[s]). Understand this means absolutely no slander about teachers, administration, students, or the school itself. Staff at West Shore are people too!
  2. Feel free to write a page about yourself, but not others unless they give consent. This will be verified with the student if it is okay. If it is not, information written about individual students will be erased, and an administrator will delete the page. This includes writing an individual's name (first name, last name or full name) on a page, without their consent. This is to avoid cyber bullying. Please understand that this wiki could possibly be found by the school, so if your individual page is up, you might be called into the front office. This is a risk, and if you are willing to take it, then by all means do so.  
  3. Do not make duplicate pages. If a page already exists feel free to edit it but don't make another.  
  4. Please do not edit a page about another student unless they give consent. Again, to avoid cyberbullying. Be nice!  
  5. Please limit the use of profanity. Curse words are certainly allowed, but be tasteful. 
  6. Be courteous and polite. Slurs of racist, sexist, transphobic and homophobic intent are banned. Please practice open-mindedness, and be respectful. We want everyone here to feel welcome, not offended. Offended people are angry people. :^(
  7. Students of all grade levels are welcome to participate. Everyone here is free to edit the wiki as they please, and we encourage all to contribute their opinions and thoughts so that this wiki may encapsulate the full West Shore experience.
  8. It should go without saying, but use common sense and follow the golden rule.
  9. More rules will be added if more rules are needed.

Thank you for reading!☁☁ Edit

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