It was foretold that a human would hail to this school, and fulfill the void that is currently inside of the sorry shell that is the wildcat costume. But for now, the only one that is capable of wielding it's great power is Fleming himself, our great and noble leader. He occasionally wears it to "hype" the school up, especially around times of pep rallies.

The costume has since reincarnated, but has not been seen much as he only appears at sporting events.

Legend Edit


The costumes final form.

It has been postulated that the Wildcat costume is capable of great things. Legend says that it can assemble Voltron by merely flexing the left most appendage on it's glorious paw. Further theories include:

  • It is capable of passing a child through APUSH.
  • It is able to make school lunch edible by simply waving its holy paw over the offending consumables.
  • It can make the boys basketball team win a game.
  • It has the power to summon the WILDCAT NOISE.
  • It has the ability to grant those who deem worthy eternal knowledge and power.

The validity of many of these claims has yet to be tested as the object is elusive and sparsely documented. One could argue that Bigfoot or the Lochness monster have been sighted more often than the Wildcat Costume.