There's an array of interesting creatures throughout West Shore (no, not those creatures). They liven up the place.

Insects Edit

Bees and WaspsEdit

Dear god the bees. No matter how many times we are taught that bees are good for the environment, the smallest one will strike fear into the hearts of many. Wasps are even worse, and they often travel in packs and are more likely to personally take offense to you. Sometimes parasitic blue-black wasps fly around, looking for other bugs but still scaring children who don't know better. Expect whimpering from nerdy milksops whenever one comes near.

Mosquito-Wasps Edit

They look like mosquitos and they look like wasps. Honestly they look like the manifestation of every nightmare you could have. You don't see them very often but they are huge.

These are actually male mosquitoes. They can't bite, but they feel very intrusive and make everyone uncomfortable. If you don't like daddy longlegs, you won't like these.

Palmetto Bugs Edit

These are NOT huge cockaroaches. The school isn't infested. However, they are frighteningly large, and some of them fly. They usually don't come into classrooms, so as long as you don't look at the bottom of the wall you'll be fine.

Cute BugsEdit

Werid kids carry beetles, moths, and catepillars around. They think this makes them scientific and artsy but it just shortens the life expectancy of the insect that doesn't want to have a "magic moment" with a large mammal. They're still adorable, though.

Large Animals Edit

Birds There's a flock of ibis that poke around the grounds in the morning before it gets too crowded. There is also a large songbird population which lives throughout the trees and vents. These noises can be used to mask your phone if you set its tone to a bird tweet.

Hobos Edit

Occasionally a drunk man will wander near campus and ask for Chinese food (Yes incoming sevvie, this happened) . Or they might camp out in a meth van by the train tracks. Don't talk to them, and remember that they can't see you if you stand still.

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