The Yaoi Planner was a very raunchy student's planner which was lost around December of 2014. Not only does it preserve the perversion of a group of eighth graders, it also exhibits the superior style of the old full-color planners. It is currently rumored to be in the hands of either Mrs. Lawson or her granddaughter.

If anyone has any more information on this collection of pages, post it here.

Contents Edit

From the last report on the planner's whereabouts, there is currently:

  • Tentacles everywhere
  • Instructions on how to have unsafe fun on the Internet
  • Fanfiction on administrators
  • A drag race
  • Actual planning
  • A family tree involving various students, various religious figures, and various anime characters.
  • Song lyrics of many profanity levels
  • Countries with dongers
  • Helpful grammar tips

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